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    ● A new healing world

    With the best machine we can look into a body cell, however, in most case, today's medical technology can not give you a perfect solution for your body's weakness. Materialism, has driven people so far that we forgot our spirit and harmony of the nature for so long. For many times, you may get frustrated keep taking the pills all your life. Your body, should not be dominated by drugs and machine. It is time for you to find a new world of mental and body healing.

    ● Traditional Chinese Medicine - Ancient but future

    People knew acupuncture. But it is just a corner of a whole systematic knowledge. Chinese herb remedy, Cupping, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Tuina(or chinese massage) ,Guasha(skin detoxification), Qigong, Meditation, Diet therapy, altogether is the great treasure that ancient chinese left for the people. we analysis the discordance between human and nature environment, the discordance among different organs or forces in the body, the discordance of spirit. We find reasons more from inside, rather than outside. We think the way more overall rather than seperated. Life has its own healing system. We do help together, releasing and enhancing the power rather than interfering it. This is the future of medicine.

    ● Can I get helped?

    Theoretically we have solutions for all kinds of diseases, but there are some cases that you may find fast and quick help: chronic muscle or joint pain, migraine, common flue, facial paralysis, gastritis, rhinitis, etc. Other situations like diabetes, allergy, skin problems, hypertension, infertility, endocrine system disorder, irregular menstruation, coronary heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, etc, may take longer to find improvement or get final heal. (We do have successful cases for the above). Some diseases, or for its certain phases, we may not do much help, like the late stage of cancer, severe stroke, fracture. So ask us if we have a way to help.

    ● Acupuncture

    It is long believed in Chinese Medicine that life, no matter human or other creatures, has its own healing energy inside body. And this energy runs following certain rules and routes. By inserting needles through certain points on the route, the energy will function effectively to bring healing effect to local or other related parts of the body. This is quite considerate work. You need to choose right points, locating precisely, and know how to make it "switch on". Acupuncture is not only for muscle or joint pain relieving, it should be also effective to most internal issue when doing right.

    ● Chinese Herb Therapy

    Nature does not only give us food, but also medicine. Actually perfect medicine. There are over 400 kinds of common used chinese herbs, and still lots more kinds not usually mentioned. Chinese herbs are not limited from plants. Some are even from animal parts, insects, minerals or metals. Even some food like ginger, vinegar can be used as medicine. Another characteristic is that chinese herbs therapy has its own theory system on how to diagnose a disease, how to organize a herb prescription and even to tell the prognosis. It is safer, and closer to your body's needs.

    ● Tuina(Chinese massage)

    Tuina is mostly for therapeutic purpose. By applying force to local muscle or tissue, the circulation will get improved. Acupressure is one special style of Tuina. It mainly focuses the points of the energy meridian. It is more effective for pain relieving.

    ● Guasha, Cupping and Moxibutstion

    Guasha and Cupping are skin detoxification therapy. Guasha is a way of using small chips made from wood,bamboo or animal horn scratching on skin. The toxics will come up with the congestion skin. Cupping is similar but it relies on the vacuum suction pressure created by a glass cup on skin(Traditionally through burning quick fire in it). Moxibustion is similar to acupuncture but by penetrating the heat through the point with a burning moxa stick. It is more effective when the patient's energy in low condition.

    ● Dr. Bruce Tan

    Dr. Tan got his Master degree in Jiangxi TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) University in 2000. After working as TCM classic(Neijing, Shanghan, Jinkui) instructor and clinic instructor for 9 years in TCM department of Xiamen University, Dr.Tan moved to Edmonton City, Canada and set up this clinic in 2009. Back in 2014 and 2015 he also worked in Acupuncture program in Macewan University for TCM Diagnosis. Dr.Tan study TCM classics all these years and he work out his own theory about how to treat diseases based on patients' constitution . His clinic experience covers lot of area of internal medicine like stomach and digestion issues, insomnia, allergy, endocrine disorder, hypertension, heart disease, dizziness , migraine, etc. Skin allergy patient always get well treated by using chinese herbs. Dr.Tan has his unique skills by using acupuncture and acu-pressure to treat a variety list of pain issue. Along these years Dr.Tan also gave free lectures for the chinese community to give conceptions on how to keep health in way and view of Chinses Medicine.

    ● Dr. Jeen Hu

    Dr. Jeen Hu had her bachelor's degree of TCM and graduated in 1997 with No.1 performance in Jiangxi TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) University. By following her TCM master Chen, Ruichun in Jiangxi province, China and working as TCM specialist in Tong Ren Tang TCM chain store, she raised lots of clinic experience. She is specialized in TCM Gynecology. She has the advantage of using chinese herb to treat lot of women's health problems successfully without any side effect.

    ● Are your chinese herb products safe?

    We sell E-fong high quality herb granules products from China. It is easier to melt in hot water instead of boiling something for hours. E-Fong™ concentrated herbal tea products have been authenticated certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by Australian TGA and China SFDA (the State Food and Drug Administration), and site-licensed by Health Canada. Our tests in Edmonton Labs show its heavy metal and pesticide residue are well in safe range of food and drug standards.

    ● Are you registered acupuncturists?

    Yes. Dr.Tan and Dr.Hu are member of CAAA and fully licensed. You can claim your benefits here through direct billing or your online submitting of our receipts.

    Item Fees
    Initial Assessment $30
    Following up Consultation $15
    Chinese Herbs $10-$15/day, vary on prescriptions
    Acupuncture $90 per session (45-60 minutes)
    Moxibustion $20(for 20 minutes)   $30(for 30 minutes)
    Gua Sha (刮痧) $20(for 20 minutes)   $30(for 30 minutes)
    Cupping Therapy $25


      Note:1.Initial assessment or following Consultant fees is only set for herbal treatment.
                 2.Seniors over 65 years old have 10% discount.
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